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About Credit Scoring
How credit scores can affect your mortgage approval. ”Most anyone who has obtained a home mortgage in the past 5 years or so has heard about credit scoring. How many of you have been told "your scores are great", or "if your score were 10 points higher, your rate...“ Read More

Credit Scoring and the Lending Industry
How the lending industry uses credit scores. ”When you apply for a mortgage, your lender will request a credit report from a credit reporting company. This is usually a local or regional company. This company pulls together a credit report...“ Read More

Dealing with Credit Bureaus
How to deal with credit bureaus. ”It is essential to understand that Credit Bureaus are nothing more than record keepers. Simply put, they keep a record of who has given you credit, when they gave you credit, how much credit you are given and whether or not...“ Read More

Dealing with Credit Bureaus
Effective no-nonsense strategies. ”The only thing you legally need to supply the credit bureaus for a copy of your report is your name, your social security number and a legal mailing address...“ Read More

Dealing with Credit Bureaus
How to request a credit report. ”The following is a sample credit report request letter...“Read More

Techniques to Remove Negative Credit
It's easier than you think! ”In this section you will learn the ways of removing negative items from your credit file. These methods are sometimes referred to as "Credit Repair". These are the exact same methods credit repair clinics and attorneys charge up to $3,500 to perform.“ Read More

Steps to Repair your Credit
Take these steps to repair your credit. ”1. Obtain your three credit reports. 2. Review the reports and locate the negative items...“ Read More

The Fair Credit Reporting Act
Your rights are important! ”All Federal Laws are in the consumer's favor. This means you have the advantage. The specific law used here is the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act.“ Read More

Free Credit Repair Tips: Removing Negative Credit
Important information on credit repair. ”Important: You do not want us or any other company to file a dispute for you because if the dispute is sent from anyone other than you, the credit bureau will suspect that you have paid someone to repair your credit... “ Read More

Easier Items to Dispute and Have Removed
Easy items to dispute on your credit report. ”The reason these items are easier to remove is simple; when you dispute an older account or an item that is now charged off, the creditor is not too concerned with the account any more...“ Read More

Removing Negative Credit
Steps to remove negative credit items. ”Step 1: To dispute a negative item on your credit file you need to first identify the negative items that you want removed. Once you know which items to dispute, DO NOT complete the Dispute Forms that the Credit Bureaus included with copies of your credit file that they sent you...“ Read More

Powerfull Technique to Remove Negative Credit
Additional credit repair techniques. ”This auditing technique is usually only practiced by attorneys. It would be very expensive to hire attorneys to do this for you. However, by following the instructions you'll get similar results as...“ Read More

Get the Edge Above Your Creditors
Getting the edge on your creditors. ”Only allow a creditor 7 days to get the proof into your mailbox (3 days to find it and 4 days for the mail). If it takes any longer they probably do not have proof and you should start taking the action listed below.“ Read More

More Credit Repair Letters
Learn how to write letters to the credit bureaus.

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”I just wanted to thank you all for this information it has help me in so many ways. Five years ago I wanted to buy a house, but my credit was not as good as I thought. After finding, reading and following all within your Credit Repair section. I have been in my house for five yrs now and my credit is still very good. I can't tell you how many times I have been to this web site in the past few yrs...“ Read More

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