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Home Equity Loan Rates and Mortgage Loans at AmericanLoanSearch.com
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Find expert mortgage lenders and brokers who specialize in the exact type of purchase mortgage, refinance or home equity loan you need...

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Home Equity Loan Rates - Mortgage Loans

Purchase Loans
Find the perfect home mortgage purchase loan. Select from fixed or adjustable rates. Get prequalified for free and quickly find out how much you can afford.
Refinance Loans
Rates are the lowest they've been in close to 30 years. Refinance now to get a lower rate, turn your adjustable into a fixed rate and get fast cash!
Equity Loans / 2nd Mortgages
Cash in your equity now for home improvements, paying off debts or anything else you want with up to 125% of your home's equity!
Less Than Perfect Credit
Expert lenders and brokers can help find you the lowest mortgage rates despite some problems with your credit.
FHA Loans
Government assisted loans that are great for 1st time homebuyers with limited cash and for those who have minor credit problems.
VA Loans
For Veterans, these no money down, extremely low interest rate mortgage loans are offered by the Government.
No Documentation Loans
Get mortgage approval with limited paperwork and little, if any, documentation. Perfect for small business owners!
Construction Loans
Building your dream house? You can turn most construction loans into permanent financing as soon as you're ready. So click here to get started!
Turned Down?
If you've already been turned down for a home loan by another lender/broker but still want a loan then click here...

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Personal Loans (get the money YOU want today!)
Getting a personal loan is now the easiest way for people who don't own real estate to get a loan. REQUIREMENTS: you must have excellent credit, be over 18 years old, and be currently employed full-time. Click now for instant approval!

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Instant Approval $100,000 Credit Card | High Balances | Lowest Rates | Damaged Credit | more...

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How the lending industry uses credit scores to determine your interest rate for a mortgage.
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